OSHIP Internship at a Glance


To respond to growing concern and debate over the supply and demand for occupational safety and health professionals in Uganda, EIOSH commissioned an Occupational Safety & Health Internship Programme (OSHIP) released in November 2017. This effort was guided by a multidisciplinary advisory task force of engineers, researchers and occupational safety and health professionals and practitioners. Public comment and input from major stakeholder groups were included in the program development.

The Occupational Safety & Health Internship Program (OSHIP) is a national  internship dedicated to helping engineering, technologists, technicians and OSH students learn about the field of Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) from the perspective of working people. EIOSH believes that OSHIP will play a crucial role in training, mentoring, and inspiring a new generation of OSH professionals as well as provide worker organisations and unions resources to strengthen their health and safety efforts. This Internship will also provide internship host organisations the resources to strengthen their environment, health and safety efforts. OSHIP will help to prepare a new generation of specialists to meet the ongoing need for trained, dedicated talent in Engineering, Technologist, technicians and occupational safety and health.  


The purpose of the orientation is for interns to receive a general overview of OSH through a number of interactive educational sessions including: worksite tours, listening to a panel of workers who have sustained injuries or have encountered hazards on the job, discussing research strategies around OSH, and much more.

Next Step

Next step includes the wide dissemination of results and further analysis of the disparities in the supply and demand for safety and health professionals in Uganda. EIOSH will continue to work with partners and stakeholders to identify and pursue ways to meet this critical training need in occupational safety and health for the 21st Century. The need for an adequate supply of trained professionals is particularly great as we anticipate that OSH skills are required in this dynamic working environment characterised by escalating change, overwhelming complexity and tremendous competition. As new technologies continue to enter the workplace, Engineers, Technologist, technicians and occupational safety and health professionals will require specialised skills and knowledge to meet the OSH needs of workers in these new work environments. In addition to providing this Internship program, EIOSH plans to make these unique outcomes publicly available, to help guide action and policy development in occupational safety and health.


OSHIP is a full time commitment and cannot be completed in combination with other outside activities. Interns are expected to be available for the entire OSHIP Internship, approximately 40 hours per week. Depending on the project, possible evening or weekend meetings may be necessary to accommodate workers’ schedules. Interns are encouraged to be involved in other activities of their assigned union/worker organisation special events.

Check-in meetings with the intern’s assigned coordinator (academic mentor) will occur over the internship. Intern Coordinators will provide guidance to the interns and work with their assigned union/worker organisation to ensure that each team receives support.


Each team is required to provide the following products at the end of the internship:

  1. “Give Back” Product

Each team develops something useful to “give back” to the worker and their assigned union/worker organization to improve the work environment.

The “give back” product can be an educational resource (e.g. fact sheet, posters, audio CDs, training materials), a training session to groups of workers, or a presentation or detailed report on the team’s findings and their recommendations to their union/worker organisation.

  1. National OSH Conference

At the end of the Programme, interns participate in a national conference with EIOSH and other funding agencies, worksite supervisors, Board members, Site Coordinators, and supporters. Each team provides a PowerPoint presentation about their summer project.

  1. Final Report

A final report that summarises what each team did and learned during the summer is also required.


Graduates {certificate, Diploma & Degree} and Finalist students can apply;

EIOSH is offering a 10 weeks internship Placement with Top Employers who are looking for Engineers, Technologists and environmental scientists with hands-On Expertise in Occupational Safety and Health Skills and Improving the Safety Management Process. 


  • 2 Weeks in-house
  • 6 Weeks Job Placement
  • 2 Weeks back in-house

           TEAM WORK

  • Workers from different Engineering fields form Teams of 5


  • Hands- On Experience
  • Build Networks
  • Community Engagement

Meet the Team


Hillary Nickodem
Head, Innovation and Strategic Planning
Hillary heads Development and strategic Planning. He matches a dynamic and proficient touch in electrical engineering and his versatility to cut across most business sectors , this brand him a great asset to the company. He has amassed a progressive professional experience of 5 years in technical work
Mpairwe Agnes
Managing Director
Agnes is an entrepreneur, a humanitarian Activist and a mentor. She is the founder and managing Director of Infinity Technical Services, Exceed Health and Safety Consultants Ltd, and the Institute Executive Secretary.
She is dedicated and passionate about making a difference, having a safer Nation in relation to environment, Occupational Safety and Heath. Over the years she has spent in higher education teaching Occupational Safety and Health she has developed a great passion and enthusiasm into Safety and health in the work place.


OSHIP Advisory Board

This effort was guided by a multidisciplinary advisory task force of engineers, researchers and occupational safety and health professionals and practitioners. Public comment and input from major stakeholder groups were included in the programme development.

The OSHIP Advisory Board was established in 2017 to provide strategic guidance on the goals, organization, and administration of OSHIP. Members are selected from the core occupational safety and health disciplines, as well as from labor and employer organizations. The Board reviews problems and successes of OSHIP and discusses upcoming plans. Support of the members is key to developing our national reputation, promoting student recruitment, and encouraging collaborations with new project sites.